River City Bank is proud of the line of lending products we can provide to our customers. While we specialize in traditional mortgage products, River City Bank also offers more unique products, such as bridge and construction loans, to better fit the diverse needs of our customers. Furthermore, River City Bank is proud of our ability to close loans as quickly and efficiently as possible while keeping closing costs to a minimum.  The following are just a few of the loan products offered by River City Bank.

Construction Loans

River City Bank’s Construction Loans offer flexible and convenient financing for all of our customer’s construction needs. These loans are available for 6 and 12-month periods and have no draw inspection fees.  Furthermore, River City Bank makes it extremely simple to convert your construction loan into a permanent, traditional mortgage product upon completion of your new home.

Bridge Loans

River City Bank’s Bridge Loans greatly simplify the process of purchasing a new home and selling an old one. With this product, River City Bank will take a mortgage on your new home being purchased, as well as the remaining equity in your current home. The loan will remain in place until you are able to sell your current home. After the sell of your current home, River City Bank can make the process of converting your Bridge Loan into a traditional conventional mortgage product as simple and stress-free as possible.

Mortgage Loans

Whether you are buying or refinancing a home, planning to build a new one, or simply moving from your current home, River City Bank offers a wide range of loan products to make your transition as easy as possible. River City Bank will also make mortgage loans for vacant land and investment property.

Consumer & Personal Loans

River City Bank has many types of consumer loans to fit your needs. Our simple interest installment loans and single pay loans are ideal for financing vacations, new furniture, or any other major purchases our customers might make.

Please contact River City Bank and speak with a member of our knowledgeable lending staff to find out how we can provide you with the loan product that best fits your needs.

Additional River City Bank Loan Products:

  • Raw Ground Loans
  • Investment Property Loans
  • Lot Loans
  • Development Loans
  • Building Loans



Last updated on Jun 04, 2016

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